The mission of Jessie's World is to help individuals achieve sobriety and independence through  supportive services at a time of crisis or a turning point in their lives. Founded in honor of the late Jessie Perkins, whose legacy of unconditional love and support is demonstrated in the care that we seek to provide to all of our families. 

In Ohio, Jessie's World has joined forces with NISRE Inc. to provide mothers with supportive housing and holistic care management, while allowing them the opportunity to rebuild their family structure. Children will also be provided supportive services, such as family reunification and exposure to the cultural arts. The unique aspect of our program is the focus on the family as we recognize the importance of a strong family bond that can break the cycle of addiction, dysfunction and poverty.

Contact NISRE Inc. - Jessie's World for referral information (614) 253-8969 or 614-522-9416 or at:

For information about services offered in North Carolina, please see the "About Us" page or call (980) 263-9670.